What is FarPlay?

FarPlay is a cutting-edge communication solution that reduces the audio delay between yourself and others to the absolute minimum. FarPlay allows you to perform you can perform music together over the Internet in real-time. To create music with other people, it’s essential that the players hear each other as quickly as possible.

What does latency mean?

The delay between when one musician makes a sound and the other musicians hear it is called latency. Even when playing together in the same room, there’s always a tiny bit of latency, because sound travels through the air at about 1 foot per millisecond, meaning it takes about one thousandth of a second to travel one foot. It’s been established that musicians start to feel uncomfortable playing rhythmic music together when this one-way latency exceeds 20 ms. FarPlay transmits audio over the Internet so efficiently that you can play music as if you were together in the same space, even though you might be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

So how does Farplay reduce the latency so much?

First, Farplay transmits completely uncompressed audio. This means there’s no time-consuming compression stage on the sending side, and no decompression stage on the receiving end (and as an added benefit, your audio gets transmitted at the highest-possible quality).

Second, Farplay sends audio directly between participants, from device to device, rather than passing through a third-party server. This minimizes the distance that the data has to travel.

Third, Farplay gives you complete control over the amount of buffering applied to the sound you receive.

What is buffering?

Buffering is the amount (in milliseconds) of audio temporarily stored on the device and sent at one time. Unlike conventional communication solutions, FarPlay transmits uncompressed, full-duplex 48kHz/16bit PCM audio. The difference is striking: every nuance, every breath, every detail of your sound is preserved.

Farplay also includes a built-in video with customizable layouts. FarPlay enables you to record separate, perfectly synchronized tracks from each musician, which you can later import into a DAW for mixing. With Farplay’s unique Broadcast Output feature, you can even output clean, multi-channel audio in real-time to a DAW of your choice, where you can mix it for livestream performances. Farplay comes with a free plan that doesn’t even require registration. Simply download the app and enjoy one to one, 45-minute-long sessions—free forever!

Need longer sessions or extra features?
Switch to one of two available subscription plans and get the first month for free!

Join or simply download from farplay.io/download

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