Test-drive the new FarPlay 1.3.0 beta!

Seeking beta testers for FarPlay 1.3.0

We invite your feedback for FarPlay 1.3.0, now available in beta. This beta features an upgraded input mixer, which supports using multiple audio devices at the same time. We’ve also upgraded audio and video recording to provide pristine recording quality over a much wider range of network conditions (even with noticeable packet loss). Please note that the Mac version of this beta requires macOS 11 Big Sur or higher.

Download here: Mac | Windows | Linux

For critical uses, we recommend using FarPlay’s latest stable release, which remains version 1.2.7.

Teaching trumpet on FarPlay, “like in real life”

Davide Pianegonda explains why FarPlay is so important for teaching trumpet online: it allows him and his students “to play together, and it’s in real time.” Davide has played in prestigious orchestras, including as a Disney artist and on Italian national television. Find out more about Davide at Corso Di Tromba and watch his interview below.

Uptempo jazz, 400 miles apart

Saxophonist Petr Cancura in Ottawa and pianist Dan Tepfer in Brooklyn, NY play an uptempo version of the jazz standard Billie’s Bounce, in real time, 400 miles apart. Watch their performance below, a great demo of the level of intricate, rhythmic playing that’s possible over FarPlay at that distance.

Petr is Director of the Ottawa Jazz Festival Program, and Dan is co-founder of FarPlay. For more information about this session, read the rave review of FarPlay from Recording Magazine.

Next monthly support session: July 20

We had a great time at our May and June monthly support sessions. Did you know you can try to get more upload speed with a business internet plan? Watch the highlights from our May session below, or better yet, join us for the next one!

Sign up for our support session on Saturday July 20th 2:00pm-3:30pm New York time (8:00pm-9:30pm Central European time). Monthly tech-support sessions are available free to paid subscribers. 

Get in touch

We’ve been loving featuring our amazing users. If you’d like to be included — whether you use FarPlay for lessons, rehearsals, jam sessions, or conversations — we’d love to talk to you. You can let us know by emailing us at contact@farplay.io.

If you’d like to ask tech-support questions, our forum is the fastest way to reach us. If you need to reach us privately, email us at support@farplay.io — we’re happy to help!

Need help right away? Check out our recently expanded FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide.

We hope you’ve been enjoying FarPlay 1.2.7 and look forward to your feedback for FarPlay 1.3.0 beta.

—David Liao & the FarPlay team

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