Can you play a Rondeau over FarPlay?

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#rondeauchallenge: FarPlay style

We love to see the amazing things people do with FarPlay! How do you participate in the #rondeauchallenge trending on social media? If you’re world-class Italian trumpet player Marco Pierobon, you use FarPlay to rehearse with three of your friends in Italy and Switzerland. Watch Marco, Francesco Gibellini, Stefano Ammannati, and Aldo Pizzagalli perform in tight rhythm together from four locations across 200 km

Hochschule für Musik Dresden features FarPlay

Under the direction of Anselm Vollprecht at the Hochschule für Musik (HfM) Dresden, students experimented with performing music online as part of the two-year project “Online Music Making and Teaching in the Digital University Space.” The project produced an illustrated setup booklet, setup tutorial videos, and samples of low-latency performances. FarPlay features heavily in these resources—all the performance samples were made with FarPlay. Access these free resources, which are fantastic for our German-speaking musicians, by visiting the project’s page.  

Project graphic design and layout: Tobias Retschke (

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