FarPlay version 0.3.7 out today!

FarPlay version 0.3.7 is out today, with the following improvements:

  • Windows: support for native audio devices (experimental).
  • Windows ASIO: use ASIO Control Panel for ASIO buffer size configuration.
  • Linux: support for Jack and PulseAudio devices (experimental).
  • Select input channels directly from channel menu on the main session window.
  • Preferences: improved channel configuration.
  • Use fixed -3 dB gain for recording mix tracks.
  • New BO channel layouts for mixing local and remote audio (with fixed -3 dB gain).
  • Fix an issue when mono mix was played in stereo when monitoring your own sound.
  • Extend volume sliders to +10 dB. Double clicking on the slider sets it to 0 dB.
  • Improved HiRes displays support on Mac and Windows. Respect Windows system scaling settings.
  • Minor UI fixes (don’t open multiple preferences windows, error messages, tooltips).
  • Connectivity workaround for rare cases when FarPlay keeps displaying “Initializing service…” message (SSL CA workaround).
  • Connectivity fix: never send packets larger than standard Ethernet MTU (1500 bytes). Prevents audio disconnects right after session join (a rare issue happened mostly on Windows at specific configurations).
  • Use fixed 1000 ms delay when recording without BO (ignore BO delay in this case).

5 thoughts on “FarPlay version 0.3.7 out today!”

  1. Hello,
    I’m visually impaired and I’m on Mac’s Big Sur. I downloaded Farplay a couple of days ago and I seemed to navigate the interface quite smoothly. Today, however, I updated to 0.3.7 and I lost some key functionality. Before, I was able to choose from all my inputs and outputs selecting them using the arrow keys. Mac’s Voiceover would verbalize all the audio devices and virtual drivers found on my system. Now, it seems I’m no longer getting this verbal feedback. I’m still able to manipulate the latency and the monitor sliders with the arrow keys just fine. I’d appreciate if this issue was addressed in future updates. Thank you, and congratulations for delivering a simple way of low latency connectivity. Best regards.

    1. Thanks much for this feedback, Luis. We understand why this happened in this new version and it’s something we’ll fix as soon as possible. So glad you’ve found FarPlay useful.

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