FarPlay duo livestream Brooklyn – Switzerland, 3900 miles apart, with Kristin Berardi

3900 miles is an extreme distance for low-latency audio, but with strong internet connections at both ends, vocalist Kristin Berardi and I were able to get our latency down to about 50ms using FarPlay (equivalent to playing with someone 50ft away from you if the sound is traveling through air), and make some real music together. The longest distance I’ve ever tried — and it worked!

FarPlay Friday #4: Counterpoint with Gilad Hekselman

Did a FarPlay session with my friend the superb guitarist / composer Gilad Hekselman. He was on Windows, where low-latency audio is a little bit more complicated than on Mac or Linux. Still, it worked perfectly. We played All The Things You Are and Solar and challenged the connection by focusing on simultaneous contrapuntal lines. Super fun.

FarPlay Friday #1: Kristin Berardi

Welcome to FarPlay Friday, a series where I set up a low-latency audio connection from scratch with a fellow musician and we play music together over the internet, using my new app FarPlay. This first video in the series features the wonderful Kristin Berardi, 380 miles (600km) away from me at the time. After we set up, we played one of our favorite jazz standards, Body and Soul. Head to www.farplay.io/download to try FarPlay for yourself.

Introducing Farplay!

Introducing FarPlay! I’ve been playing music with others over the internet throughout the pandemic. Trouble is, until now it was incredibly complicated to do that. Today, we’re releasing FarPlay, an app that makes low-latency audio accessible to everyone.

Anton Runov and I have been working hard on FarPlay since February 2021 — but the story starts much earlier, in summer 2020, when we decided to add a key feature to JackTrip, as you can read about in the history section of the main FarPlay.io site.

We’re proud to be releasing FarPlay into public beta today. It’s available to everyone and is 100% free.